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A+W Realtime Optimizer

Online Cutting Control

The A+W Realtime Optimizer reviews the released production jobs at the cutting table and

re-optimizes them. In doing so the system considers breakage/remakes as well as residual

plates and the possibility to combine jobs. Based on that you can increase your yield significantly.

Benefits include:

  • Online re-optimization of existing jobs from A+W Business Pro or A+W Production (same glass type)
  • Takes into account the production sequence from production system
  • Ability to enter rush lites/rush jobs
  • Quick-Optimization after cutting has started
  • Reduces residue plates by using rush jobs, breakage, or sheets from following optimizations/jobs
  • Dynamic re-optimization of breakage
  • Control cutting tables and breakout display online
  • Avoids residue plates by linking and mixing cutting jobs
  • Improves yield and cutting performance
  • Manages local and global breakage with re-optimization
  • Controls a residual stock manager (e.g. Remaster by Hegla)
  • Usage of residual plates preferred (higher ranking)

Screen image of A+W Realtime Optimizer software for glass manufacturersScreen image of A+W Realtime Optimizer software for glass manufacturers