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A+W CAD Designer (Shapes)

Individual Shape Design

A+W CAD Designer (Shapes) allows you to enter a vast number of parameters

quickly and accurately for free shapes in architectural glass applications, and sketch

them with technical precision to turn them into a reliable CNC code.

Benefits Include:

  • Quickly and easily create complex individual shapes and standard template files for reuse in ERP systems
  • Easily enterĀ and change difficult shapes and processing (for example edge deletion or complex cut-outs)
  • Little training required thanks to graphical tools and modern user guidanceImage of A+W CAD Designer (Shapes) extension screen
  • Correct imprecise digital shapes with the A+W patented smoothing process (streaming mode)
  • Ability to directly control your CNC machine
  • Extend your product-specific shape catalog by free constructions with A+W CAD Designer (Shapes)
  • Efficient data compilation and processing, made possible by the separation of fixed and variable dimensions
  • Data editing for the optimization/production control with machinery control (optional)
  • Templates can be defined with fixed or variable parameters